One of my favourite local drams…….


My favourite whisky changes regularly; I enjoy trying new and different malts and frequently change what I like best.

I recently was fortunate enough to get some samples from Benromach Distillery when I went there for a visit and my favourite (or current favourite) changed after testing these samples.


I have fallen in love with the Benromach Organic. Now, I’m not bothered about the organic status or how this malt was made; the origin of the barley in terms of whether it is organic or not is nothing to me. It was the aroma, palette and quality of the product that got my attention.

The packaging and bottles of the whole range is very interesting; it is fresh and modern and just begs for the product to be tasted. Sometimes packaging like this is to hide an inferior product but not this time!

The nose was interesting to say it mildly. It had emulsion paint and wet leaves, along with vanilla. The palette was equally intriguing with vanilla sweetness, peaches and dark chocolate. Although the mouth feel was quite shallow and thin this did not detract from the over all experience, with the finish being long and sweet.

In summary this was an absolute delight, and I can highly recommend it. A lovely local dram and only 5 miles from home, what more could you want!

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