Back in Love With the Peat

Having moved recently towards enjoying more sweet and gentle whisky, matured in American oak, I have once again fallen in love with peaty whisky, or with this one in particular.

Caol Ila Moch is a new expression to me, so I opened it tonight in preparation for a nosing and tasting experience on Friday. I had to taste it in advance of course so that I could “wax lyrically” about it.


A rich yellow colour, the nose was smoky with a strong banana note; yes, that is what I said, banana. The peaty smell was more burning smoke that the medicinal notes of some Islay whisky.

And the taste was superb. Yes, the smoke was there but it was not overpowering. There was a sweetness and creaminess to the taste, with hints of coffee and cereal notes.

Adding water let out more fruit, but it didn’t really need water, it was fine the way it was.

There is no age statement on the Moch, so you would assume (or the more cynical amongst us would) that it is younger than the 12 year old. But it is smoother, gentler and I have to say, nicer than its older brother. This is a delight of a whisky, I am sure the “peat heads” amongst us would enjoy it but it would also be a lovely introduction to the joy of peaty whisky.


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