Gentle, soft and sweet, but lovely wee dram; the Glengoyne 10 year old

Another malt that I am using for the first time tonight is the Glengoyne 10 year old. An old colleague manages the site now so I thought I’d better give it a good write up, but no need to worry; the whisky speaks for itself and was a lovely dram.

Snip20150515_1“Unhurried since 1833” is a tagline used by the distillery saying that the product is produced in a slow and gentle manner, resulting in a light, sweet spirit.

It is also light in colour, a combination of bourbon and sherry casks allowing a sort of golden colour to develop; held up to the light you can almost see a green colour there.

The nose is toffee and fudge, I was reminded of mint humbugs. There was a floral heathery note and orange peel there, and it was fresh, green and grassy, very nice.

The taste did not disappoint either. It was sweet and full of toffee, with a smooth and gentle finish. This is an “any time of day” malt, but for me it would probably be best enjoyed on a nice warm summer evening.

A very easy whisky to drink, and very easy to enjoy, I would recommend this malt to people starting on their whisky journey but also to those with a more developed palate to also enjoy.

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