Benromach Battle….10 v 15

I’ve often written IMG_3991that it is not always the case that “age is best” where malt whisky is concerned, however in this “battle” that statement is true.

I’ve always enjoyed the Benromach 10 year old, a classic Speyside as described in the distillery literature. It is sweet and flavoursome, with a nice gentle hit of peat smoke.

The 15 year old is similar, yet different in subtle ways. It is more gentle and smooth,  and that probably should be expected given the extra 5 year maturation. It had a rather different mouth feel from the 10 year old, with the 15 having less of a mouth feel. It felt “thinner” and not as heavy, but not in a negative way.

The finish was similar, long, sweet and smoky, but with less smoke in the 15 year old. I liked that, I prefer less peat in this dram. The other flavours come through more with extra coffee and chocolate in my opinion, and less woody notes.

They are both sweet and fruity, more vanilla maybe in the 15 year old, but not a huge difference. Both very nice, but yes, the 15 year old just ahead for me, and neither beat the Organic which is still my most favourite Benromach.

Now I just need to get the 5 year old now and give that a wee taste test!

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