10 Year Old Face Off…..Tobermory v Glen Grant

I’m doing a nosing and tasting experience tomorrow evening and using a couple of new malts to me, so I thought I’d have a wee “face off” with them both. So do I prefer the Tobermory 10 yo or the Glen Grant 10 yo?


So let’s start with the nose. The Glen Grant is fresh and crisp, sweet with hints of apple and menthol. The Tobermory is stronger (46% v 40%) and also sweet, but with toffee and butterscotch. There was also a strange but very pleasant spicy ginger aroma. My first point goes to the Tobermory.

It also took my point for palate, streets ahead of the Glen Grant in terms of depth of flavour and mouthfeel. The Glen Grant was light and thin, but the Tobermory thick and full; shouldn’t really be surprised as the Tobermory is proudly stated to be un-chillfiltered on the box. They were both buttery with the Glen Grant fresher but more toffee tasted on the Tobermory.

And as for the finish, well the Tobermory gets a clean sweep with my point here also. It was long and lingering, lasting much longer than the Glen Grant.

I liked the Glen Grant,  it was a decent dram and good value for money, but it was up against a bigger beast in the Tobermory which I loved.

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