Yes, I really am a “bourbon man”……..

I’ve found another delightful whisky, matured in ex-bourbon american oak casks, that I absolutely love. Being up in Orkney for the Science Festival it would have been rude of me not to go on the organised tour of Scapa and Highland Park Distilleries.


I’d been to Highland Park before and like their 12 year old expression. Scapa, having just opened their visitor centre in April, was a new place for me to visit. It was also a new whisky to try, and we were given the 16 yo to taste on the tour.

And it was delicious!

I had just finished presenting at a “mini school” on flavours and aromas of whisky, where I was teaching on the effect of oak on sensory perception. Part of my talk was explaining the different aromas and flavours imparted from different species of oak, and from different types of cask. There are a few of the “students” on the tour as well so I was delighted when they agreed with me that I thought this 16 yo had been matured solely in ex-bourbon American oak casks.

It was sweet with honey and floral aromas, and with fresh fruit and banana notes wafting through the sweetness. It was fresh and clean and very satisfying, especially the long sweet finish.

My only regret was not buying a bottle when I was there!

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