Situated near the village of Alves……

Having been born very near and brought up and still living in Alves I was delighted to see the name of my home village on the label of this Gordon and MacPhail Distillery Label Glenburgie 10 year old.


I used this expression in a whisky tasting last night and thought I’d taste again myself and post my thoughts on the blog. It was quite popular with the Swedish guests last night, but as I generally prefer ex-bourbon whiskies I was interested in what I would think.

Snip20151012_2The nose was quite nice; it was rather sweet, with notes of fried fruits, raisons and a hint of coffee. These came through on the palate as well along with a smooth and creamy butter taste. the finish was a bit short, but it was very smooth. It was a pleasant dram, nothing exceptional in my opinion and I’d probably not order it in a pub, but as I’ve said I’m not a “sherry head”.

If you like ex-sherry expressions (this whisky was matured in refill and first fill ex-sherry casks) you will enjoy this one, and it is reasonably priced (I got this one for £29.99 in Tesco). Maybe not one I’d keep in the study for myself, but I think I will get another one for my guests who enjoy this style, and definitely one I’ll be using again in a whisky tasting night.

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