Tomatin 1997 Connoisseurs Choice

In a recent visit to Gordon & MacPhail I was fortunate to receive a number of samples highlighting their “The Wood Makes The Whisky” campaign. I plan to review these over the next few weeks. There are some great single malts in this range, well worth exploring. So let’s start with the Tomatin 1997 Connoisseurs Choice.

IMG_4683Colour – this is a very light whisky, pale to the extreme it is almost clear in fact, but do not let this put you off.

Nose – it is fresh and light, with fruit galore. Pineapple and banana blends into pear, with green apples in the background. It has bubblegum in there, as well as toffee apple sweetness.

Palate – the taste is just wonderful! It is fresh, clean and fruity. A weak menthol is there, also a lemony citrus. All of course with the pineapple and pear sensed with the nose.

Finish – smooth and delightfully sweet, the fruit lingers for a long time.

Overall – the product information says this was matured in refill bourbon barrels, and the colour indeed does show this. However the strength of aromas and flavours feels more like first fill bourbon barrels.


This is a delightful whisky, one to be savoured and enjoyed!


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