Benromach 35 YO


Thirty-five years ago I would have been a shy wee second year, sitting in a classroom a short twenty-minute walk away from where this dram was born. In the time it has taken this Benromach to mature I’ve had a career, changed that career and become a husband, father and grandfather. A lot has happened in the world as this whisky has sat quietly changing and improving. Thirty-five years is a long time any way you look at it.

The sample has sat in my study for quite a while and I was wondering why it had taken me so long to taste it. I was busy I said, lots of other stuff to do and taste. I think however I was worried that I would not like it.

IMG_4847 - Version 2I needn’t have had any worries, as this is a gorgeous whisky. I have tasted some expressions in the past that were too old, having the distillery character completely overpowered by the wood. This is not the case with Benromach 35.

It did have an earthy and woody aroma, but it also had fruit, coffee and liquorice. The nose was rich and complex, if I could have waited five or ten minutes I am sure it would have developed even more! Funnily though, it had a kind of stout or Guinness smell as well.


And the flavour did not let me down. Coffee again shone through but there was also fruit, treacle, dark chocolate and fruitcake. Very rich and very smooth with a real orangey finish, it was a real joy.

Pity I only had a wee 50 ml sample, but at over £400 a bottle it is a bit much to pay for a full bottle.

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