Can the 8 be as good as the 16?

It was a bit of a celebration when we were down in Edinburgh the other day, my son had an original musical showing at the Edinburgh Fringe. So I treated myself to a wee gift, the 200th celebratory Lagavulin.

IMG_5819With Lagavulin normally being a 16 year old, well, that was what I used to drink in the past, I was interested to see that the “special” bottling for the anniversary was only an 8 year old.

It has been a while since I’ve tasted the 16 year old but I do remember it as being very nice. So the obvious questions is, “could the 8 be as good as the 16?”

The colour was very light, but that was no surprise; it was clear and fresh.

The nose was nothing special; there was not a lot there actually. But I could detect smoke obviously and a little banana (this is a note I get a lot from Islay malts).

And then we have the taste; it was wonderful, so much more than I expected from the nose. I could not believe how sweet it was, it was as if I had sugar on my lips. The smoke was fantastic too but not too strong. It was only after a sip that I noticed it was 48% ABV, but it didn’t feel like that. It was smooth.

The finish was wonderful, I can still feel it after a few minutes.

So how about answering the original question, yes, the 8 was better than the 16 (in my opinion).


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