Heavyweights go Head to Head….

No, not Joshua v Klitschko, but Edrington v Diageo.

In the recent Spirit of Speyside Whisky Awards the Macallan 30 was pitched against the Mannochmore 25, with one opponent winning by a clear knockout!

mac v mann

Now I know whisky appreciation is all about personal preference, but for me, the Mannochmore swept the Macallan aside, with the fight not even going the distance.

The price difference did not equate to enjoyment for me; at about 5 times the cost (and this is a rough estimate) the Macallan was not worth the extra cost in my opinion. It’s nose and taste was far too woody, musty and earthy for me. If that’s your tipple then go for it, but the fresh apple, toffee and vanilla from the Mannochmore stood head and shoulders above its opponent.

The Mannochmore was sublime, the Macallan was just old!

Those of you who know me will be thinking, “well, that’s no surprise from an ex-Diageo man”. Sorry, this has nothing to do with it. Quality and flavour beats “a name” in my opinion, pure and simple!

So, you pay your money and take your choice, in this instance I’d pay less money and take the better choice as well.

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