Glenmorangie 18……is it nicer than the Original?

I was lucky enough to be given a wee sample of the Glenmorangie 18 yo from my mate Ian; he now has an extensive whisky collection, and most of it available to drink!

On a recent visit to the distillery we bought a Quinta Ruban to go along with our Nectar D’or (and 10 yo Original of course).We were considering purchasing the 18 yo but due to price we plumped for my wife’s favourite, the Quinta Ruban.

But I knew I had a wee sample bottle of 18 yo at home ready to try, and tonight is the night! I was really looking forward to this as in recent years Glenmorangie Original has become my “go to” whisky; if I’m not sure what I fancy I’ll have an Original. I love the sweet, fruity complex nature of the Original, so expected the 18 yo to be something special.


And I was not disappointed.

The aroma was wonderful; you could smell it was a Glenmorangie but it was subtly different. The sweetness and orange was there, but there was a hint of sherry notes from the Oloroso sherry casks. This was not too overpowering for me; I am not a “sherry-head” and this was OK.

The more I left it though the more the sherry influence developed on the nose, I think I’ll drink it quicker next time!

The flavour did not disappoint either. It had a more full mouth feel than the Original. It was sweet with honey and citrus, and some tropical fruit that I could not put my finger on. The finish was long and smooth, with not too sweet a finish.

I really enjoyed this, but I obviously have cheap taste, as I have to be honest and say I prefer the Original. I like it without the influence of those sherry casks, for me the Original is just superb the way it is!

So  to sum up this is a wonderful whisky, but not as good (in my opinion) as the Original. I love this distillery and enjoy their different expressions, but I think you just cannot beat the 10 yo Original.

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