Crackin’ Wee Blend…..

I saw a post on Twitter tonight and was reminded about a gift I had been given a while ago. It was a blended whisky called Flatnose; I put it on my shelf and forgot about it until tonight.IMG_5732

Well I opened it up and was pleasantly surprised. It did not have a huge nose, but the taste was lovely.

It was ever so slightly smoky, a taste that lingered long after it was drunk. It was sweet and smooth, very nice indeed. I loved the lingering smoke, not over powering, just nice!

OK, it’s not an Islay single malt, but then it’s not supposed to be. I really enjoyed this one, wish now that I’d opened it earlier than this.

But I will now be able to enjoy it in the future, so can’t be bad!


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SMWS 35.198 Glen Moray

Since becoming a member of the SMWS last May, I have really enjoyed tasting a dram or two at the Queen Street venue. I’ve also purchased a few bottles of my own, and am quickly becoming a big fan of their whisky.

35.198 is from one of my favourite (and local) distilleries, Glen Moray. Having went to school and worked in the local shop with Graham Coull, the current manager, I am probably biased, but I reckon they produce amazing whisky; and I’ve tasted a couple of real stunners from them bottled by the SMWS.

fullsizeoutput_29ffSo what about this one, that I treated myself to as a Christmas present?

35.198 is not the most romantic name, but I love the subtitle to the bottle, Racy Perfume Sweet Seduction. At 59.4% it is a strong one, and at 8 years it maybe sounds a touch young.

There was not a huge amount on the nose for me initially, but this was more than made up for by the taste. It was fantastic. Fresh, fruity, very sweet and very smooth (for its age). There was pineapple and another tropical fruit that I just cannot put my finger on. This was a delight, and just the style of whisky that I love; a perfect example of an ex-bourbon barrel whisky.

I didn’t even try it with water; even at 59.4% abv water is just not required, I did not want to risk spoiling (or changing) a drop of this amazing whisky.

After leaving for a wee while (not long though) the nose did improve. More complexity appeared, with pears, apples and vanilla sweetness starting to develop. White chocolate developed on the palate over time as well, really quite pleasant. This is a dram that needs to sit and rest in the glass for a wee while. So if you can please give it time and just wait, and then you will really enjoy it.

I can highly recommend this dram, very enjoyable and very glad that I got a bottle for myself!

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Dalmore 12

I have a wee bit of history with the Dalmore Distillery; my Dad’s family are from up that way and my great-great-grandfather was a stillman at the Dalmore. I’ve never tasted any product though until I helped out at a whisky dinner at the Scottish Arts Club (I was doing a “freebie” for my son).

The colour and nose were both inviting, promising a good taste.

TheĀ Snip20180108_2nose was slightly sherryish (is that a real word?), with fruit and vanilla.

The taste was very pleasant, although with a short finish; very drinkable, what I could call a dangerous whisky! Very, very smooth and easy, easy to drink!

Nice friendly whisky, good for starters but complex enough for seasoned single malt drinkers; very nice product indeed. Give it a try!

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76.135 Moment of Serenity

Oh my giddy aunt, this is a stunning dram, just wonderful.

I was fortunate enough to receive this as a gift (big thanks to Kirsty and Ian at EWA) this Christmas, and have really enjoyed this beauty.

IMG_4798I have to be honest and say I am normally not a fan of sherry cask expression, but this one changes everything.

The colour was just beautiful, a wonderful golden brown that looked delicious.

The nose was a delight; there was coffee and raisins, chocolate and pencil shavings.

And the taste, oh it was sublime! The coffee, raisins and chocolate came through again, and the sherry cask influence was clear. This is a bold and big whisky, grabbing your taste buds and proclaiming its worth.

But a wee word of warning, don’t add water. At 55.1% abv you may think it could do with a wee drop of water, but refrain from this.

It does not need any water, that just killed the flavour for me.

Enjoy this dram in all its ‘cask strength’ glory!

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Aultmore G&M Exclusive

So, I did a wee swap with Woody today; he got a sample of my SMWS 76.135, while I received a drop of his Aultmore G&M Exclusive.


This looked really pale for an 11 year old, however it was matured in a refill bourbon hogshead, so no surprise in the colour.

The nose was very light and delicate, perfumed and sweet, with a hint of white chocolate on a second whiff. It was also spicy and fruity; very nice and appealing, giving real anticipation for the flavour.

The flavour though was a bit weak and disappointing, not unpleasant but not as nice as the nose indicated it could be. There was vanilla and toffee, and a buttery sweetness. The white chocolate on the nose was also there on the palate.

It was a smooth and short finish for a 50% alcohol whisky, with no burn at all.

Overall it was a pleasant dram, nothing brilliant but a nice whisky to enjoy. Not the best I’ve had from G&M but very drinkable.




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Yet another stunner from G&M…..

You may think I’m on commission from Gordon and MacPhail, but I’m not; I just love really good whisky, and G&M sell some of the best!

Tormore cask strength has been a favourite of mine for a while now, and I’ve found another wonderful Tormore in their Connoisseurs Choice range.Snip20171111_1

The 1998 (17 year old) is a real fruit fest!

The nose is wonderful and the taste is even better.

I could smell tropical fruit (lots and lots) and sweetness. There was also a touch of vanilla and other fruits like apples and pears.

And oh, the taste!

It was sweet and creamy, strawberry and banana, vanilla; it was a dream.

With a long and smooth finish it is just an all round delight!

I think I prefer this one to the cask strength and that is saying something, and I also think I’ve found what I really want from Santa this year.

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G&M Highland Park…..

So I tried this “new’ whisky for me tonight, thought I’ve get to know it before a nosing and tasting experience tomorrow night!


So here we have a Highland Park 8 year old from The MacPhail’s Collection. I love this range, good whiskies at a very reasonable price, I have already tasted a great Glenrothes and Bunnahabhain from this range. I do like the standard Highland Park 12 year old so was interested to see how this younger version would compare.

And I was not disappointed, I preferred this one to the standard expression!

This expression has more bourbon cask whisky in it I think, a look at the light colour tells us that. It was very smooth and soft on the nose, fruity and pear like, with a hint (just a hint) of peat smoke.

The palate was lovely, light and fresh, with a very gently finish of smoke. There was a little sweetness in the flavour, and it was almost salad like, leafy and green if you know what I mean.

Altogether a very nice wee dram, nothing spectacular but very pleasant. I recommend that you give it a try!




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